Ontario renters desperately need more choice.

The facts:

  • In 2016, vacancy rates in Ontario fell to just 2.1% - the lowest levels since 2001 — in Toronto it's as low as 1.3% (2016 CMHC rental market survey)

  • Some purpose-build rental buildings have already been cancelled or converted to condos, and thousands of planned new units are now in jeopardy

  • Ontario desperately needs to build more purpose-built rental units so that Ontarians have more choice

What You Can Do

Ontario's political leaders at all levels need to hear from YOU!. We need them to work with industry to implement policies to encourage new rental construction.

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What's being said:

1,000 planned rental units convert to condos in wake of Ontario rent-control expansion

The report, which is to be released on Monday and was obtained by The Globe and Mail, says that already-low vacancy rates will plunge further unless the government enacts policies that encourage developers to build an average of at least 6,250 additional new apartment units a year for the next decade in Ontario.

Globe and Mail 25/09/2017

Rental housing advocacy group claims Ontario’s rent control rules have backfired

This report shows us we’re in short of supply by about 6,000 units every year. The supply situation is much worse than we imagine,” Murphy told VICE Money.

Vice Canada 25/09/2017

New rent control rules hurt Ontario's rental housing supply: Report

A new report commissioned by the Federation of Rental-Housing Providers of Ontario says the Liberal government’s Fair Housing Plan has negatively impacted the province’s rental housing supply.

Canadian Press 25/09/2017

Toronto apartments being converted in to condos to avoid rent control

While rent control policies are a dream come true for renters, it seems they may start to make life a nightmare for people trying to find an apartment.

Blog TO 25/09/2017

'Critical' rental shortfall in Ontario

Jim Murphy, president and CEO of FRPO, speaks with Greg Bonnell about the rental market in Ontario.

BNN 26/09/2017

Study says Ontario’s rental housing faces shortfall of 6,000 units per year

The end goal is to put pressure on decision makers to ensure there are adequate rental housing options,” it says.

REM 03/10/2017

Wynne’s rent controls have already backfired

The Wynne government meant well. Unfortunately, rent control is a misguided approach that is overwhelmingly likely to backfire.

Toronto Star 04/10/2017

Census: Home ownership rates take historic dip as more Canadians opt to rent

Not everyone wants to own a home these days, Evan Siddall concedes -- not even his own millennial-age son. For the head of the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp., that's really saying something.

CP24 25/10/2017

Ontario Needs To Give Developers Better Reasons To Build More Rentals

Better incentives and fewer roadblocks would ensure desperately needed rental developments stop being cancelled or converted.

Huffington Post 03/11/2017

Accept it, your children may grow up to be renters

The latest census data suggest the home ownership rate in this country may have already peaked, and that means more renting ahead. The idea of peak oil has fizzled, but peak housing is a theory we can build on.

Globe and Mail 03/11/2017

Toronto’s vacancy rate at a 15-year low, experts call for purpose-built rental

“For a large cohort of millennials establishing their own households, renting may be the only option if they choose to reside in Canada’s highest-cost urban centres.” Scotiabank Senior Economist Adrienne Warren

BuzzBuzz Canada 08/11/2017

So what's the issue?

Many Ontarians choose to rent. Boomers are looking to downsize and young adults want to live where they work.

An increasing number can’t afford to buy given the ever-rising cost of home ownership – house and condo prices rose faster in Canada last year than in any other country in the world.

But Ontario is facing a rental housing crisis. There are simply not enough rental options. In 2016, vacancy rates in Ontario fell to just 2.1 per cent, for the City of Toronto it was even lower at 1.3% - the lowest levels since 2001.

As a result, rental units are increasingly becoming more and more unavailable and unaffordable.

The Solution

The solution is simple – we need to build more rental units for Ontarians to live in. A healthy supply of true rental apartments – not just condos – will provide quality, affordable housing choice. Purpose-built apartments stay in the rental pool over the long-term and are professionally managed.

A recent report from Urbanation revealed that at least 6,250 rental units per year need to be built over the next decade to address this crisis. Download Report Double that amount would be desirable for a significant increase in the supply of permanent rental housing. So, how can we get there?

FRPO proposes that Ontario’s rent controls rules be amended to encourage new rental supply by allowing for either a rolling exemption from the rental guideline for new purpose built rental projects or an increased guideline applicable solely to new purpose built rental. Download Summary of other measures to increase rental supply.

Who We Are

Since 1985, the Federation of Rental-housing Providers of Ontario (FRPO) has been the voice of Ontario’s rental housing industry and the leading advocate for quality rental housing. FRPO works to promote a balanced and healthy housing market with a vital rental-housing industry, choice for consumers, adequate government assistance for low-income households, and private sector solutions to rental-housing needs.

Our membership includes a diverse group of rental property owners and managers, from those with one small building or a single rental unit, up to the largest property management firms and institutional owners. Today, FRPO represents more than 2,200 members who own or manage over 350,000 households in every area of Ontario.